January 10th, 2010


10 Ways to Make Today Magical (Winter Style for Warmer Climates!)

I've been posting so much winter fun that I've heard from a few people in warmer climates who are wishing they could get in on the spirit.  I asked around for great ideas to have winter fun without cold and snow and got some great answers. 

In honor of you lucky folks in sunny places, here's 10 ways to make a little winter magic in any temperature.

  1. Magical Mama Claire suggests cutting up a billion paper snowflakes to decorate the house.
  2. Find an ice skating rink and go ice skating together.  Magical Mama Natalie says, "Sometimes
    we'll go to the local ice skating area and fill some containers with "snow" the Zamboni has removed from the ice surface.  Makes quick snowballs or use sandbox toys to make shapes."

  3. Make your own snow in a sno-cone maker or with a blender set to crushed ice.  Top with homemade syrup (just dilute condensed juice half and half with water for an all natural recipe or google for the koolaid version).  Or leave plain and eat as snowballs!
  4. Make a big batch of mashed potatoes and make mashed potato snowmen and snow forts at dinner (use ice cream trays for forming the bricks!).
  5. Magical Mama Mary says, "I give the kids a cup or bowl of marshmallows and turn them lose to have a "snowball fight".  We've even done this at the local park in the summer.  The kids love it! Save a few to eat BEFORE they hit the floor or the wall."
  6. Take a page from 5 Orange Potatoes and make Fauna's Melting Flowers (photo above).  Who needs icicles when you can freeze flowers and play melting games?    
  7. Use bananas and various fruit bits to make snowmen on a stick.
  8. Spray fake snow around all the windows and mirrors.  Even better, make epsom salt concoctions to make your own frost for the windows in whatever pattern each child dreams up.
  9. Raid the recycling container for white paper to crumple up and stage a huge snowball fight.
  10. Make your own snowflakes with boiling water and borax, like Martha Stewart.  Please be sure to use care around the borax and kids.  Better yet, dissolve salt or sugar to make the crystals instead.  Keep adding either one until no more will dissolve and then proceed the same.  Supposedly, this method takes a bit longer but it's much safer if you have a child who's likely to mistake it for rock candy!
There you have it, wintery fun no matter where you are!  :)  Have a magical week!  Don't forget to add cocoa!