Alicia Bayer (magical_mama) wrote,
Alicia Bayer

5 Good Things

In no particular order...

1.  We're halfway through doing this craft
and I hope it looks half as pretty.
I'll let you know!

2.  Magical Mama Sara has written up a list of
20 family activities to enjoy in winter
and had some lovely ideas!

3.  This project is so awesomely cool
that it makes me forget that I never accomplish these projects
and then I always feel like a deadbeat.  ;)
But really!  It's so neat!

4.  Lastly, magical Mama Risa recommended this video
and it's just so delightfully whimsical and brilliant that I had to share it.

And with that, I'm off to sample fresh apple goodies from the oven,
courtesy of a hubby who is woefully unappreciated some days.

Happy Wednesday!

Tags: crafts, easy activities, neat blogs, videos

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